This section looks at music; the music I love and the music I make myself. I have been interested in music since I was very young listening to Pick of the Pops on the radio on a Sunday afternoon. Later I heard the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa and so many more artists that achieved very little TV or radio exposure. I realised there was so much more out there to discover that was exciting, original and engaging.

Since then I have discovered more or less every form of music from opera to the avant-garde. It all has so much to offer. Here I describe some of the music that has in the years inspired me and I hope it might help you to discover things you too will find as special as I do.

My views and impressions of the music that has meant such a lot to me over the years can be found on my music BLOG here.

I have also been inspired to create some of my own music and more details can be found here.