I have for some time been interested in the history of the Kennedy Assassination. Since I read the first book on the subject, I have recognised that things are not quite as we have been led to believe.

From the very early days following the assassination there has been a cloud of controversy surrounding the official version of events. These days, those publishing material on the subject (and there are many), seem to fall very distinctly into two camps: those who unreservedly support the official version of events proclaimed by the Warren Commission, and on the other hand, those who firmly support a conspiracy theory of some sort.

So, do we accept the Warren Commission findings or accept a conspiracy? If we do think there was a conspiracy, what form did it take?

As you will see from these pages I am in the conspiracy camp. A conspiracy may sound like a very involved, planned campaign and in particular, with the likes of the FBI and the CIA behind it, but in practice a conspiracy merely means that more than one person was involved.

The point here is that any form of conspiracy means that the Warren Commission findings are fundamentally flawed. It also suggests that the likes of the FBI, CIA etc could well have been involved.

There is such a huge volume of material published in one form or another about the assassination that there is plenty to absorb, even though the passage of time makes it so much harder to arrive at a conclusion. We will of course never know for sure what happened.