Business Activities

Current Activities

I am now retired but accepting occasional roles such as non-executive directorships, small consulting projects in areas such as IP licensing, and mentoring; supporting new business initiatives with guidance and help. I am keen to utilise my experience in technology business management, as a board member of a publicly quoted company, and to bring many of the experiences I have had as a school governor, including as chairman, to other challenges.

I am chairman of Archipelago Technology, an exciting new company exploiting a special printing technology for use with thick, viscous and sometimes hot materials.

I am also working with Southampton University as a mentor for their Future Worlds initiative. Every year I am involved in mentoring MBA students at the Cambridge University Judge Business School.


I graduated as an engineer, but over the years my role evolved into project management, business management and finally I was responsible for our company's commercial and legal operations. We specialised in licensing intellectual property, specifically software and semiconductor designs. I built a wealth of experience in licensing having negotiated and agreed contracts with a large proportion of the world's leading semiconductor and communications companies.

IP Licensing

Many companies have created successful businesses creating and exploiting intangible things such as intellectual property. Licensing technology as an enabler to other businesses has become an important part of modern high technology enterprise. I have worked extensively in licensing IP and here I provide some personal insights, focussing on software as it is both commonplace and complex, encompassing most key issues in licensing. IP Licensing

Contract Negotiation

A major part of my role was to negotiate various licence agreements. This gave me huge insight into the process of negotiation and here I have identified some key factors. Negotiation.

Personal Profile

Here you will find more details of my personal profile and CV. Personal Profile