Mark Collins Curriculum Vitae

u-blox AG (2012 – 2013)

I worked for u-blox as an operations director, but in 2013 I resigned to look after my wife.

Cognovo Limited (2009 - 2012)

Founded early in 2009 with my TTPCom colleagues; Tony Milbourn, Richard Fry and Gordon Aspin, Cognovo set out to create a complete revision of the design philosophy for cellular baseband devices utilising Software Defined Radio. Through the provision of a software multimode framework competitive baseband solutions can be created quickly reusing all existing legacy technologies. Cognovo was backed by ARM and sold to u-blox AG in June 2012.

Camitri Technologies (2008 - 2009)

Camitri Technologies set out to license the intellectual property originating in universities and other research institutes. The company was backed by Imprimatur Capital, but due to the global recession ultimately failed to raise further finance to complete its business plan.

Motorola Cambridge (2006 – 2007)

Having played a major part in the sale of the company to Motorola Inc, I provided extensive support to the integration within Motorola and subsequently took up an operational role in the Mobile Devices Business. I managed business operations for a wide range of developments taking place at Cambridge. Responsible for programme management, development process, operational information and management and quality.

I also contributed to Motorola’s activities in licensing intellectual property such as silicon designs and software for current and future generations of mobile telephony. The majority of my work involved resolving a variety of legacy client issues.

TTP Communications (1998 - 2006)

I was a founding member of TTP Communications (TTPCom), which was formed from the Computers and Communications group of The Technology Partnership (TTP) and established as a wholly owned subsidiary of TTP in 1998. TTP Communications plc, which was floated on the London Stock Exchange in October 2000, constituted two main subsidiaries; TTPCom Ltd and ip.access. ip.access was a product manufacturing company specialising in nano-basestation technology and TTPCom was an IP licensing business providing silicon and software technology for mobile telephony, working with semiconductor and handset manufacturers throughout the world.

In July of 2006 TTPCom was acquired by Motorola Inc.

Commercial Director (2000 – 2006), Commercial and Finance Director (1998 – 2000)

The Technology Partnership (1987 – 1998)

26 senior managers, including myself, founded the Technology Partnership (TTP) at the end of 1987. TTP was a consultancy and contract development organisation, largely funded by the staff with some VC support. I was one of 5 people who set up the Computers and Communications business group specialising in mobile cellular communications. This business group ultimately evolved into TTP Communications.

Throughout I had extensive business development and selling experience, especially in Japan, visiting there regularly.

Group Manager/Head of GSM Development

PA Technology (1984 – 1987)

PA Technology was a contract R&D consultancy. I joined the Electronics Division.

Silicon Engineering Group Manager

Signal Processing Group Manager

Senior Consultant

Sony Broadcast Ltd (1980 – 1984)

Advanced Development Senior Engineer

Team responsible for professional digital television equipment research and development

Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, Aldermaston (1973 – 1980)

Principal and Technology Officer II (PTO II) (1978 – 1980)

Worked on general digital electronics design projects.

Student Engineer (1973 – 1978)

Professional Qualifications


Southampton University (1974 – 1977) BSc Electronic Engineering, (first)

Ecclesbourne Grammar School, Derbyshire (1966 – 1973) 1973 - 4 A Levels (Maths(A), Further Maths(A), Physics(A), Computer Science(B)), 1 S Level (Further Maths(2)) 1970/1 - 8 O Levels

Other Relevant Activities

I was a pension trustee for more than 10 years and became the chairman of the TTP Communications plc pension fund as it was wound up following the Motorola acquisition.

I have also been a primary school governor from 1992 to 2015, including being chairman for many of those years. I was also a governor at Melbourn Village College for about 6 years.

I have been providing mentoring support for MBA students at the Cambridge University Judge Business School.

Personal Details

Widower with two sons. Living in the Cambridge, UK area Born: 1955, London


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